The plumbing sector is predicted to increase by 3percent in 2021, according to studies that detail the future growth of the industry within the United States. While the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team Benjamin Franklin Plumbing looks to examine what the market might be like soon, they are keeping an eye on the latest developments regarding their plumbing business.

With a market of $107 billion sizes by 2021, the plumbing industry ranks 5th in the construction industry based on market size and is the most populous industry in the United States. If the coronavirus epidemic has shown anything, it has affirmed the concept of the market for home services and specifically the plumbing sector as an important business.

Despite a global epidemic, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing continued to operate within the authorized CDC regulations and the local regulations, leaving the mark of what is to be an important business.

Every day, millions of homeowners and business owners look to local plumbing firms for a wide range of services. From basic drain cleaning to more intricate work, plumbing systems will never be older, so it will always be in demand for skilled support communities that you can count on.

What Does This Mean for Plumbing Business Owners?

For business owners currently in the plumbing industry, This is great news for you if you’ve got the right tools! Being one of the leading companies that provide plumbing solutions, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has helped hundreds of businesses reach their full potential with our tried and tested equipment and systems.

They’ve become known as a household name. It is easy to recognize and allows smaller companies to remain locally owned and operated while benefiting from the trustworthiness, authenticity, and reliable brand they’ve built over time.

What Does This Mean for Entrepreneurs?

If you don’t have an existing business but are beginning to explore the possibilities, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing presents an appealing offer to entrepreneurs, regardless of prior experiences. They’ve even been recognized as the top business in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of 500 franchises.

They offer you everything you require to succeed and benefit from the growing demand for plumbing services with the expanding plumbing industry. With their turnkey service, They provide you with all the necessary training tools and ongoing support you require to begin and expand your business and offer you opportunities to live the life of your dreams.

Instead of operating your own business and relying on our support team and processes, allowing you to take more time to do the way you want -whether you’re on vacation or looking for the next purchase!

There’s No Time Like the Present

If you’re the proprietor or manager of your own plumbing company or are looking for alternatives, now is the perfect time to connect with the team that develops franchise opportunities! With the proven tools for operation and techniques, they’ll provide blueprints and the keys to unlock your business’s potential and reap the benefits of the growing demand for plumbing services that has been forecasted! Our commitment to supporting franchisees and their commitment to providing high-quality plumbing services have created Benjamin Franklin a trusted name across the country, and it’s high time that you took advantage of it!

Employment Trends

Based on the most recent information of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the BLS, the plumber’s outlook is expected to grow by 5percent in the coming ten years. In addition, with the industry-specific growth rate outpacing the average for employment, finding skilled plumbers will be a major challenge for plumbers.

This is especially true since a rising population reaches retirement age. The percentage of workers over 55 is predicted to increase to close to 25 percent in 2024. Furthermore, due to the extensive training offered by the industry as apprenticeship and training programs, it may take years to be a certified professional, which makes it crucial for plumbers to focus on the retention of their employees.

To do this, plumbers can raise their salaries for their employees. According to the BLS, at present, the average annual wage for plumbers is 56,000 – ($27.08 for an hour) compared to $41,950 for all other jobs that the BLS examines.